71 Million Votes Is Enough To Be President And This Is What I Am Going To Do From Tomorrow

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The United States of America went to the polls last Tuesday 3 November, 2020 to elect their President for the next four years to come.

The elections was mainly between the Democrat, and the Republicans. It has always been the Democrat, and the Republicans.

Mr. Joe Biden is the flag bearer for the Democrat and His Excellency Donald Trump as the flag bearer for the Republicans.

Many people across the world followed the US elections. Everything went on successful.

Counting of the ballot begin and Mr. Joe Biden took early lead and he held on to the end. He kept on leading as the votes comes in.

President Donald Trump has come under heavy criticism from the opposition and masses.

Yesterday! Donald Trump said it in his Twitter post that, 71 million votes is enough to win him the Presidency again for another four years.

Donald Trump before the election, said he will not accept the outcome of the elections if he is satisfy with the process. He said there was a lot of irregularities in the counting of the votes.

President Donald Trump preparing to go to court tomorrow, to seek for justice according Donald Trump and the entire Republican.

Donald Trump try putting an injunction on the counting of some States, States like.Michangan, Arizona.

The out going President seems be very much surprise at the results so far.

Mr. Joe Biden is leading with 290 electoral college votes against 214 electoral college votes.

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