Hilarious Cartoon Of Kalonzo Musyoka In Current Situation At Kenya Politics

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It is less than 85 days toward the general election of Kenya and political temperatures is rising day by day. Especially presidential race which is dominanted by vocal, convincing, compelling, strong and influential pioneers. This presidential aspirants includes former prime minister Raila Odinga, Deputy president William Ruto, Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi, Ekuru Ekot, George Wajackoya, Mwangi Wa Iria and others.

Kenya Kwanza led by Deputy president William Ruto and Azimio La Umoja led by former prime Minister Raila Odinga is among the most influential alliance in Kenya. Two leaders from Azimio La Umoja recently decamped from the alliance, claiming that there is unfairness in the party. This leaders are Amason Kingi and Alfred Mutua. Kalonzo Musyoka recently decamped the alliance and launched his presidential bid. Today he has come back to Azimio La Umoja. Kalonzo Musyoka seems not to have settled in his political descion. He seems to be in Kenya kwanza at the same time in Azimio La Umoja. Here is a hilarious Cartoon explaining his situation.

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