A Living Nollywood Legend: See Photos Of Emeka Ike, His 4 Kids And Ex-wife

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The story of a Nollywood sensation, Emeka Ike is one not everyone would love to experience. The young man started off in the street of Lagos many years ago. His rise to fame came after his University education at the University of Lagos, Akoka.

Emeka Ike ventured into acting immediately after his University education. He was loved, admired by many Nollywood lovers because of his scintillating performances on movie scenes. He was sometimes referred to as "Loverboy", by Nollywood fans.

Few years after his movie career blossomed, the young man ventured into marriage. He was married to Susana Rero until 2017. Susan had 4 kids for the young man. In the year 2013, Susana accused him of being a wife-beater and later filed for a divorce. In the year 2017, her request was granted. Although she divorced him, one funny thing that happened at the time was that custody of her four kids was given to the man instead of the woman.

Few years down the line, Emeka Ike has continued to shine in the movie industry. Although he took a break to venture into business and further his education, his record in Nollywood might never go unnoticed in many years to come.

Today, we are remembering Emeka Ike, Susana, and their 4 kids.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure;

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