Romantic Tips On How To Make Your Boyfriend Go Crazy Over You

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In this particular article, we shall look into expert or romantic techniques on how to drive or make your boyfriend crazy over you.

Surprise him in the shower. If you really want to be bold, then you should surprise your man in the shower. This will be a delightful, spontaneous, and unexpected treat for him. Before he goes into the shower, give him a kiss, tell him how sexy he is, and say something provocative to make him want you. Say, "Have fun getting undressed in there," and say it while you're wearing something provocative. When he steps into the shower, wait a few seconds and then knock on the door you don't want to scare him completely. Tell him that you're taking off your clothes and that you'd like to get clean, too but not before you both get a little dirty.

Be the boss. Another way to be bold is to be the boss once in a while. Pick a night to take complete control of him, to drag him up the stairs and into your bedroom, and to tell him exactly what you want him to do. Don't smile or break character. Be firm about what you want and desire and see how turned on he gets. Take him into the bedroom, tell him to lie down, and take control of him. If you want something, ask for it. Have fun with it. Hold him down and don't give in if he begs for mercy unless he really means it, of course.

Send dirty texts. Though you may think that sending dirty texts is silly, it's a great way to remind your man of how sexy you are when you're not around, and to check in with him in a sexy way. If you have to be apart for a night, a few days, or even a month, sending a few well-timed dirty texts is the perfect way to make your man want you even more. Pick a time when you know you'll both be alone and unoccupied, preferably at night. Send your man a text a few hours before you know you'll see him. Just saying, "I want you," or "I can't stop thinking about last night," will keep you fresh on his mind. Ask your man what he's wearing or tell him what you're wearing. Tell him, "It's so hot in here." Then, let him know when you remove any clothing.

Give a lap dance. A lap dance is another bold way to drive your man crazy. You can sit your man down on a chair, play some upbeat and sexy music, and have fun getting on his lap, teasing him, dancing around the chair, and even bending over with your back to your man so he can see your body. You can tease your man by kissing him a little bit, but it'll drive him wild if you play a bit hard to get. Don't let your man put his hands all over you. 

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