Gogo Maweni speaks on bewitching former sundowns player and owning snakes

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Gogo Maweni on bewitching former sundown's player Siyabonga Zulu

Gogo Maweni who is known as a traditional healer and reality star shares that she owns the most weirdest and bizarre animals.

She owns 5 snakes, an owl, two rabbits, two tortoises, and 3 beautiful dogs.

She once shared a video of herself and one of the snakes and that got people on social media speculating that she uses the snake for witchcraft.

She cleared her name and said she loves animals and there was nothing more to it. She also clarified that if a person uthwele with a snake no one else can see the snake with their naked eyes except the one uthwele.

She also shares that she has 3 beautiful children one with SK khoza and one with an American.

In April SK khoza had a meltdown and Gogo Maweni was accused of bewitching him but she denied the allegations.

She then admitted to bewitching her baby daddy former windowns player Siyabonga Zulu, gogo Maweni said she did it because she wanted to teach him a lesson.

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