"Please Comrades be matured" Bantu Holomisa weighs in on the slamming of Ace Magashule by the ANC

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The leader of the United Democratic Movement, Bantu Holomisa has weighed on the ongoing matter involving Ace Magashule attendance of EFF's Freedom Charter celebrations. The ANC in the Free State province has indicated that Ace Magashule was irresponsible and set a bad example to members when he attended the EFF's Freedom Charter celebrations.

Ace Magashule to some considerable extent, astonished some people when he was pictured alongside the leaders of the EFF at the party’s Freedom Charter commemoration event in Kliptown, Soweto on 26 June. However, the well-known South African politician, Bantu Holomisa has urged some comrades to be matured.

The leader of the UDM shared an article which talked extensively about the slamming of Ace Magashule by the ANC, for having attended the EFF's Freedom Charter celebrations. And upon sharing the said article, Bantu Holomisa went on to point out that he has attended the 100 years celebrations of the ANC: and he plays golf with some of the ANC comrades. That's despite him, being the leader of the United Democratic Movement.

In weighing on the ongoing matter of Ace Magashule, the leader of UDM said "Please Comrades be matured. Opposition parties are not your enemies. For instance I’ve attended the ANC’s 100 years celebrations .I play golf with ANC members. Wake up"

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