Man Reveals What He Wore To A Female Friends Wedding, Sparks Reactions Online (Photos)


Paystack co-founder Mr. Ezra has taken to his twitter page to share the outfit he decided to wear to a female friends wedding. Ezra who has always been known to shun criticism and fully express himself shared an unusual dress he wore as a guest of a wedding.

He posted the pictures on twitter with the caption "my friend invited me to her wedding party and all I heard was ezra get dressed"

HHe is seen in the pictures wearing a form of female after dress with full makeup. This immediately sparked a lot of reactions online, see screenshot of tweets from twitter:

Is this a statement from him indicating support for the LGBTQ community? He is yet to release a statement yet. What do you think about his outfit? Would you allow a guest to attend your wedding in this attire? Share with us in the comments section below.

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