The Three Grounds On Which Wajir Governor Was Impeached


Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi.

Governor Mohamed Abdi becomes the third governor to be impeached by the Senate, joining the list of former Kianmbu governor John Waititu, and the former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko.

Governor Mohamed, spent the better part of today defending himself in the Senate, and when the time for voting came the governor found himself in the cold.

There were up to eleven accusations lined against the governor by the county assembly, but the governor was only impeached on three grounds.

The three grounds that senate found the governor to have contravened include:

•The governor was found guilty of Gross violations of constitution and abuse of office. 

•The senate found the governor guilty of gross violation of the County government act of 2012

•The governor was also found guilty of Violations of public procurement and asset disposal act 2012.

Governor's family was spared after being accused of being part of the wider cartel operating in the county, where the wife of the governor was accused of being in charge of who wins the tenders in the county.

The only course of action for the governor is moving to court, where he may be reinstated as the governor as the hearing continues in court.