Opinion: How Whitemoney May Have Played Himself Regarding His Situationship With Queen.

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Big Brother Naija season 6 winner, has revealed that he does not like Queen romantically and that he only sees her as a friend. This revelation had more reactionary effect on Queen, because she was not really friendly with most of the housemates during her time in the house, which was mostly because of her loyalty to Whitemoney, but what don't understand is that Whitemoney actually played himself and here is why;

Recall, Whitemoney kissed Queen (more than once) during their time in the house and even shared a bed with her. There was a time, she tried to move on from him and started talking to other guys in the house, Whitemoney (probably got jealous), found a way to talk her out of it, knowing fully well that she had developed feelings for him. This further exposes the type of deceitful person he is, because if he had let her move on at that time, she would not have been subjected to this level of humiliation.

The least thing Whitemoney could have done was to avoid the question from Toke Makinwa or found a way to answer it diplomatically, rather than throwing her under the bus the way he did. Whitemoney may have played himself with that move, because at the end of the day it only exposed his true nature and character.

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