Well Known Prophet Claims The Name Of Jesus Does Not Work And We Should Stop Saying It

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Living in a world where some aspects of our lives are based on religion and belief in a higher power, as well as worshiping that higher power and attending church to praise that higher power, we refer to this higher power by different names in different religions, but in Christianity, as one of the world's most popular religions, we know that we praise Jesus and believe in him.

And when it comes to our worship, we know that we glorify God and his son Jesus, and that we invoke his name whenever we pray, whenever we wish to cast out evil spirits, whenever we want to acknowledge their existence and strength.

We've been taught about Jesus and his name in a variety of methods and formats, but we've largely learned about him via the Bible, as well as how to pray and invoke his name.

But, according to this well-known prophet, who has garnered notoriety primarily through Twitter, he has said something about calling on the name of Jesus that has shocked many people. That's exactly what he said.

"Do you want me to explain why, everytime you pray with the name "JESUS," things suddenly go worse for those who have noticed and ignored it?

Those who will never know what it's like. You don't pray as fervently from your heart and sweat if you have everything. Your struggle or poverty aren't motivating you. Because the name "Jesus" has its own people, you are not spiritually related to your forebears."

Do you think the prophets are on to something and speaking the truth about things getting worse when you use the name of Jesus, or do you think they're lying?


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