Welcome To June, The Month For Men's Health


June is the official month for the celebration of fathers (fathers' day), as such, it makes sense that it is also the month for celebrating men's health. Why the need to celebrate not just fathers but the health of men in general?

June was selected as the men's health month in 2001 by the "Men's Health Network" in Vienna. It is a month dedicated to heightening the awareness of physical and mental illnesses that plague boys and men, preventable measures, early detection and treatments where possible.

During this month, many diseases which affect only men or mostly men are highlighted on a daily basis and brief introductions on said conditions are given. Some of such diseases to look out for during the month of June include, Prostate cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Hernia amongst others.

Many men feel the need to be strong for their families or perhaps the tag of society on them as being leaders, prevent them from voicing out their needs or seeking early help when plagued with illness. This month affords all men the opportunity to take charge of their health as they are armed with the information needed to win the fight against the various disease conditions and be the strong men that society needs them to be. Good health! Strong man! Happy home! Happy nation! Man, take charge of your health this month!

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