Kamene Goro Opens up on Her Relationship with Her Current Boyfriend.

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This year on April, Kamene Goro revealed the face of her current boyfriend and we all got to know that Kamene Goro is dating the famous Dj Bonez.

The two have been dating for a while though previously they had decided to make their relationship private and after social media pressures and men trying to hit up at Kamene Goro, she decided to make it public that she is out of the streets.

Through the latest question and answer session, Kamene Goro has revealed that she is in a very happy relationship and she is enjoying her life very well.

Here is the link to the full Information on Instagram.


Here is the screenshot of Kamene Goro admitting that she is enjoying her relationship life.

I know the question that most people are asking is if Kamene Goro will get a child anytime soon. The answer is no and Kamene said that she won't have a child in her entire life.

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