ODM Party Message To DP Ruto's Camp After Kakamega Deal

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Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate of the Azimio One Kenya Alliance, has made public his Western Kenya team, which would be responsible for managing the region in the run-up to the general elections that will take place this year.

Just a few hours after Raila Odinga's Western Kenya team was introduced in Kakamega County, the ODM party announced that it is now prepared to compete in the upcoming general elections in Kakamega County. These elections will take place in this year.

The ODM party released the following statement on Twitter a few hours after revealing their squad to compete against the Kenya Kwanza Coalition in Kakamega County.

"We are now ready to engage in combat in the county of Kakamega. FCPA Fernandez Baraza and Hon. Ayub Savula have come to an agreement regarding the ticket that will run in the gubernatorial election in Kakamega. Raila Odinga, the Deputy Prime Minister of Kenya, Governor Oparanya, and Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa were present at the occasion ". It came from the ODM.

It is currently up to the general population to decide whether or not the Kenya Kwanza Coalition will be defeated by the Azimio One Kenya Alliance in Western Kenya during the next few months.

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