Why Manchester United's Fans Should Stop Blaming Ronaldo For The Draw Against Chelsea {Opinion}

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On Sunday evening, Manchester United and Chelsea battled it out at Stamford Bridge in an entertaining match. The game was unquestionably the most important game of the weekend, if not the most important game of the season.

Chelsea came into the game as the table-topping team, and many football fans had predicted that Chelsea would win the game before it began. Manchester United's players, on the other hand, put up a valiant fight that resulted in a share of the spoils with the host team, Chelsea. Manchester United's fans have come out in force to criticize Cristiano Ronaldo for the team's draw with Chelsea, despite the team's incredible performance on the field on Sunday.

The fact of the matter is that Chelsea was the superior team, and Manchester United's players fought valiantly for their reputations and for the support of their supporters throughout the game. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why no one should hold Cristiano Ronaldo responsible for the draw against Chelsea.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo entered the game at an inopportune moment; Michael Carrick made a mistake by bringing Cristiano Ronaldo into the game at a time when he should have attempted to fortify the defense more. They were winning against a more attacking side in Chelsea, and Michael Carrick should not have brought in Ronaldo at that point. A defender or a defensive midfielder would have made a significant difference for the team.

That game's incident with Wan-Bissaka bringing down Thiago Silva was entirely Wan-fault. Bissaka's

The game was won by Jadon Sancho, who was only fortunate to get on the scoresheet because of Jorginho's error, but when Ronaldo entered the game, he demonstrated just how dangerous the player could be on the pitch. The midfielder was on the verge of scoring Manchester United's second goal when he was intercepted by Chelsea's right back. Regarding the outcome of the match, Ronaldo should not be held responsible for the draw against Chelsea.

In that game, Ronaldo was both defending and attacking because, as expected, Chelsea appeared to be the more dangerous team in that encounter. United's supporters should express their gratitude to God for the draw.

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