A Woman Shares Why She Doesn't Want To Accept The Compensation Her Ex-Husband Wants To Give Her

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A woman called Alice from Atwimaa Koforidua has been married to her husband named Akwasi Boateng for 14 years now and they have been blessed with five children. The woman said her husband was having only one room when they got married, she helped her husband in building another house.

Alice said after she gave birth to her fifth child, her husband told her not to give birth, and he told the doctors to do sterilization for her so that he will not give birth again. The woman again said her husband started maltreating and didn't provide anything for her afterwards, it was her sister who helped to take care of her till the baby was three months.

Her husband decided to sleep with her but she did not allow him because he has not been given her money, he became furious and beats her. The woman said she got general body pains the following morning so she told her husband about it and sent her to a psychiatric hospital, her husband told the nurses that she has a mental illness, and she was given medication for mental illness patients for her.

The woman again said her husband continued beating her anytime they had a misunderstanding, she informed their pastor about what she is facing in her marriage. The pastor called the man and advised him to stop maltreating her but he rather insulted the pastor for trying to advise him. The woman continued that Akwasi brought his nephew to the house, he used to give money to his nephew to prepare food for all of them.

Alice revealed that her husband again beats her when she tried to prevent him from beating their child but this time, she filed a report at the police station and he was arrested. After he was released from the police station, her husband divorced her for arresting him and gave her grandfather GHC4,000 as compensation so that she will leave his house.

Her grandfather didn't accept the money then Akwasi threatened them that he will kill the woman if she continued to stay in his house. Alice again filed another report at the police station about how he threatened to kill her. The woman stated that after her husband divorce her, he gave her one room and GHC4,000 as compensation but she will not accept this compensation because of how her husband maltreated her throughout the years she stayed with him. She concluded that she deserved more than what Akwasi wanted to give her.

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