Ways To Prevent Frequent Urination

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Here are some ways to prevent frequent urination.

1. Losing weight

Extra weight can also increase the pressure on your bladder and cause stress incontinence. Stress incontinence is when urine leaks after you do something that increases pressure on the bladder, like laughing, sneezing, or lifting. While eating healthy foods can help you lose excess weight, getting regular exercise like strength training can help with long-term management.

2. Engage in exercises and muscle training.

You can also do special pelvic floor exercises in addition to regular exercise. Exercises strengthen the muscles to minimize involuntary contractions and improve posture. It is also one of the safest behavioral therapies without side effects and complications.

3. Retraining of the bladder.

Bladder retraining can help reboot your bladder muscles. The idea is to let the urge to urinate pass before going to the bathroom and gradually work your way toward longer holding times. Bladder retraining also works best alongside exercises.

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