Brace yourselves as Eskom confirms that loadshedding will continue until Tuesday night

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The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Eskom is loadshedding and this is because, as the country we have been having loadshadding for the longest time and we are now even used it. When Eskom announces that there will be loadshadding, it no longer affects us as individuals. We have even master the way of living with loadshadding.

Loadshedding is a continuous struggle at Eskom and it does not look like they have a solid plan of solving this problem. One just fail to understand if we have engineering problem in the country or it is the management failure or just failure of the ANC as a whole to manage the State owned entities since it is not only Eskom that is in such state.

Eskom has just made an announcement that loadshedding will be suspended on Monday at 05:00 and it will resume from 22:00 to 05:00 on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Over the past 24 hours Eskom teams have returned to service a unit each at Tutuka and Hendrina power stations while two Kusile units have returned to service.

The way Eskom is operating is no longer acceptable. They operate like it is a spaza shop. You would not think that Eskom is a National Key point the way it is being operated. If nothing is being done about this, we will wake up one day and find that Eskom is no more.

Eskom would also like to apogies for any inconvenience caused by the implementation of the loadhadding and they urge the public to continuously use electricity wisely as if they can afford to just waste it given how expensive it is.

They are forever apologies and this is not what the public need from them. The only thing that we need is an uninterrupted power supply which they have proven on so many accounts that they can not do that even if they tried.

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