God Told Him To Resign From "Following Bishop Dag" and Go To His Former Spiritual Father.


Rarely do you find men of God, resigning from following spiritual father but in a post, an ordained Bishop of renowned Bishop Dag Heward-Mills had expressed how God had instructed him to leave the church.

Even though this does not show any negativity, I can authoritatively state that, Bishop Oko Mensah has since sued his spiritual father and his church, Bishop Dag for non-payment of his SSNIT pensions by the church.

In a Facebook post, he shared how he returned to his old spiritual father and shared that:

"My name is Emmanuel Oko Mensah (“Bishop” is not on my birth certificate, please). My father is Ga (from La, the ONLY place with a Trade Fair ) with an Ewe grandmother, and my mother is Akuapem (from Larteh), with an Ashanti grandmother. I was born on 4th October, 1976, in Cape-Coast, to Mr. R. T. Mensah (then a Mechanical Engineer with Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation, later Ghana Water Company), and Mrs. Ellen Mensah (a teacher who taught at Mfantsiman as Miss Ellen Ohene, Wesley Girls and Bolga Girls, and later moved to the office with the Ghana Education Service).

I’m a twin, the younger twin (Kakra), by two hours. Emma Akweley Brew Riverson came out at 5am, and I made my grand entry at 7am. Go me! By virtue of my father’s work, I’ve lived all over Ghana (Daddy’s transfers). I grew up in Cape-Coast, Bolgatanga, Tamale, Wa, Sunyani, Ho and Accra.

I attended Bolgatanga Preparatory School (NOT Association International School, Morning Star, Ridge Church, North Ridge Lyceum, Christ the King, Alpha Beta, Datus, Martin de Porres or Bishop Bowers). Bolgatanga, y’all! I attended secondary school form one in two schools in Bolgatanga (Bolgatanga Secondary School or “Big Boss” for the first term and Zamse Secondary Technical School or “Zamstech” for second term and third term).

I wrote an entrance exam and entered Presec Legon (my father’s school), for Form 2 till Upper Six. I took part in many quiz competitions and won all (including one on radio representing Presec), losing my last one to Andrew Aguda. I attended the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST or Tech), and read Civil Engineering, graduating in 2001. I was part of Gospel Explosion.

I met Dr. Gospel Odame-Kentoe in 1996, when my father got transferred to Sunyani. This wonderful man introduced me to the ministry. He loved, trained and guided me in so many ways and gave me my first leadership responsibilities. I joined the Lighthouse Chapel International in May 1998, on Tech Campus. I was there for 21 years, 17 years in full-time ministry. I resigned on 1st October 2019, when the Lord told me to go back to my pastor before I joined Lighthouse. I’m back to Dr Odame-Kentoe, Senior Pastor of Elim City.

I have been married to Emmanuella Koshie Mensah for the past 15 years (since 3rd December 2005), and we are blessed with two children. I’m a Christian first, and then a minister of the gospel. I was brought up in the Presbyterian Church and Scripture Union (SU). I got born again in 1990, under the ministry of Rev John Owusu-Afriyie of Liberty Christian Centre and YAFCA (remember YES Camp?).

I love the Lord, and I’m doing my best to serve Him. The Lord has given me the grace to be a pastor, a teacher and a worship leader. As a minister of the gospel, the Lord expects me to be one of the best examples of a Christian. God expects me to live out his word, so those who watch me from far and near would know God’s instructions (and expectations) are not impossible or unreasonable.

The Lord expects me to be an example in my capacity as a husband to my wife, as a father to my children, as a son to my parents, a brother to my two wonderful biological sisters and a Christian brother to my Christian brothers and sisters. I should do what God has said, with no excuses. I am supposed to be AN EXAMPLE, not THE EXEMPTED EXCEPTION. I have no diplomatic immunity to misbehave in public or in private. I’m ALSO supposed to control myself.

I haven’t always been a good example, but I pledge to work hard at it. Easy? No. Possible? Yes, with His grace. Pray for me, as I pray for you. When we fall, we rise and keep soldiering on. Let’s keep encouraging each other to serve and please the Lord. God bless you. I love you very much." he wrote.

Concerning his relationship turned sour with Bishop Dag and his church, which he had joined officially as a fulltime pastor in 2002, after he graduated from KNUST in 2001, he sadly now believes that, "the headquarters of the church, the Qodesh (where he was first ever posted to and served directly under Bishop Dag), which is painted black and white, is a depiction of several rights and wrongs.

Posted to Cotonou and later Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, all brief spells on the mission field, he learnt in 2019, that, seven months of his SSNIT had not been paid, thanks to his wife's vigilance.

His wife, works at SSNIT and had heard harrowing tales of the painful lives of pensionless workers and hoping her husband would not be one of them, upon verification, made that sad discovery that, his husbands pensions were not been paid, as at the clicking of her computer mouse, her husband’s financial future on a spreadsheet popped up before her. That was where she detected that this future had seven figures missing. She figured it must have been an oversight on the part of the church administration.

So, the wife of the bishop, who was also a member of the church, called administrators to draw their attention to the “error”. and he says, “I received a call from the Senior Associate Minister, rebuking me and blasting me, telling me that my wife was way out of order for asking questions about my SSNIT contributions. He told me that what my wife did was wrong and so I should rebuke her,” he said.

The courts are yet to determine the finality of this suit, jointly brought before it by this resigned Bishop and some five (5) other resigned ordained pastors of the mega church too.

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