[VIDEO]: Lion Storms New Dormaa And Hunt Down Animals

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A sad incident occurring at New Dormaa in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana indicates that a lion has stormed the place and hunted down numerous animals.

According to the assemblyman named Issifu Mustapha, the farmers who work at the pastoral center sighted the legs of the lion and took a photo of it.

The farmers brought the photo of the lion's legs to Issifu Mustapha and out of fear, he reported the incident to the staff of Game and wildlife.

The staff of Game and wildlife did a thorough investigation by comparing the lion's leg to the other animals' legs on their computer and the results that came out indicate that it is a lion.

The lion was said to have hunted numerous animals, especially goats and dogs in the community and this has sparked fear in the residents.

The residents are calling upon the security personnel in Ghana to come to their aid and protect them from the lion.

For more details of the incident, watch the video below

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