Letting go of things


Life is full of ups and downs. Some days you will be up whereas some days you will be down. This is how life was designed and their is no way human beings can change the nature of life.Learn to take life the way it is and then seek for the ways of surviving through all the obstacles that come with life.

Whether we like it or not things will change in our lives.If things do not change days will change.Years will change and even your years will change. We must learn to appreciate everything in our life. We must learn to appreciate change in our life. It was until the Esraelites had tasted of the manna in the wilderness is when they appreciated the food the were having in Egypt. The food was bad when they were still in Egypt but they appreciated it when they had reached in the wilderness.

Do not wait until you have reached the wilderness to appreciate the things you used to have.God killed the Egyptian sons to give the Israelites freedom. Some bad things may be happening for someone's else good.God is always fair in His dealings.

Take everything happening in your life from a positive view.Appreciate everything and use it for you elevation to another level.

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