"Kapimwe Corona Hauko Sawa," Khaligraph Jones Blasts Fan For Being Negative


Currently, Kenyan citizens are tired of the country's situation. Several are campaigning for his majesty president Uhuru Kenyatta to reopen the country despite the rising cases of Covid19.

So yesterday after several people were blocked at the road in Nairobi due to violating curfew rules, the OG khaligraph Jones made some pleas to two prominent politicians, that Honourable Raila Amollo Odinga and Arap Samoei Euro to help convince the president to reopen the country. So after his post, seems some people misunderstood him and went ranting of how he has already endorsed the 2022 presidential candidates.

While making his intentions clear, one fan claimed that Uhuru has worked perfectly to flatten the curve. He said he loves the president so much and he was proud he voted for him. He added that he will vote for him again and again. This caught Jones attention and he couldn't resist asking him to go get tested of Covid19 because he wasn't okay. Guess he said that because the fan was pretending to be okay with the situation.

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