Mr Allotey Jacobs, Kindly Do it With Decency


BY : Godwin Ako Gunn 

I have never spent time writing about any individual because I believe everyone has his life to live and to account for. But it gets to a time that a little stitching here and there saves breath , that is why I am spending some minutes addressing this .

I saw a campaign by you on Facebook for who becomes the running mate for Bawumia and I felt worried .

To betray a party which has given you every opportunity you needed , including the high office of a regional chairman should not behave the way you are behaving . 

I wouldn't be surprised if you have started hitting heads in the NPP already . 

This is why I suspected the motive of Kwame Sefa Kayi insisting you appear on his show us our NDC's representative in the name of Fante caucus !!! 

Vindication is always in the womb of time. I don't have a problem with people moving on in life , be it at work , relation(but not marriage) , hobbies etc 

My only concern senior, is that, if it must be done , it must be done with decency !!! Parents , elders shouldn't eat sour grapes and put the teeth of the youth on edge !!! 

I respect your decision though I don't agree to it, I pray you find happiness where you are, but if you look beyond yourself , you may see reason in reducing the tone .

Politics indeed is a complex game !!! 

Better days ahead !!! 

Kun fa yakun