Engineer Nicholas Odero Gumbo Having High Chances Of Becoming The Next Siaya Governor Come 2022.


Siaya residents crying faul of party politics saying the party has failed them by forcing leaders on them instead of giving them the chance to exercise the right voting in leaders of their wish.

" If we had the leaders we wanted in the Siaya leadership then we would have made major progress in terms of development" that's from one of the residents speaking in Bondo town.

During the last election of 2017, Engineer Gumbo came second and after the current governor, Conel Rasanga.there came a problem after Gumbo refused to accept defeat.Things have started heating again as there are many aspirants who have started showing interest in the Siaya governotorial seat.

The tune has started taking another direction as residents say they will never go by the party politics and instead they will vote in leaders of their choice not those one given to them by the party.The issue of party politics have always majored in the various parties here in the country.there have been chaos over Odm primaries and even in general elections.There have been misunderstandings in the party as to who hold the party ticket and this transpired in 2017 forcing eng.Gumbo to go for an independent party ticket.