If an app Demands These Details so as to Give you a Loan, Please Uninstall it


Right now, there are so many phone apps that can lend you genuine loans. These apps are very important because they can can easily help you in times of emergency. It's wise to have such an app in your phone, try to build your limit by paying loans without being late. In time they may increase you loan limit such that you can even secure a very high loan. Some can even help you to start a business then you pay your money small amount for a long period of time. Sometimes people find it so hard to choose the best apps to trust and build limit with.

It's important to note that some of these apps are not genuine. Some are used by fraudsters to steal from people. If you wish to download these apps, always make sure they are from trusted sources such as google play store. Secondly, make an effort of reading the comment of some people who have used this app before. By doing so you will be able to know if these apps can be trusted or not. If so many people are complaining about the app then it may not be the best.

When registering for these apps, there are some important information you should never disclose at any time. The first and important thing, never disclose your mpesa pin. If at any time an app demand your pin then just uninstall it because its not genuine. Some of these apps starts calling and sending so many threat messages even before the day you agreed to pay your loan back.

If you notice that an app is asking the permission to access your contact list, then you need to be cautious. Some people have lost money to these fraudsters.If you give access to your contact list, they start to monitor you and to know the people who send you money and your relationship with them. At one time they may use these details to call them claiming to be you.

Sometimes they may even start calling everyone in your contact list just because you delayed to pay the loan. By doing so you may end up being disrespected by some people you trust. They may even ashame you to the people you do respect. Some things should remain between you two and so if they can't understand that be cautious.

Some request you to pay a certain money as registration. Immediately you pay this money you will not be able to access these apps again. Some start to hang or can't identify you after logging in. Some may even give you a loan less than the money you paid as registration. This means this apps will not be helping you just like you wished. Please share.

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