'You found all this money in the envelope?' - Pastor questions a 66-year-old woman


Pastor Johnson Aqquah was about to enter his car parked under the neem tree in front of the Gateways Chapel when his wife started calling him. 'Daddy!, daddy!!' please come back, the wife shouted in a mild tone for her husband. The wife, Osofomaame Aqquah had been briefed about a missing money one of the aged women had seen lying on the floor at the church. 

Someone might have left it there whiles picking their things, the aged woman said in trying to explain the content of the envelope she had found. I was about to go home when I spotted this brown envelope lying under the last roll seat. I thought it was just an envelope and tried hitting it with my walking stick, but I felt the load in it and decided to bend over for it.

I opened it and was shocked looking at the bundles on it. I thought it was Jesus blessing me as you preached this morning saying, we will receive unfolding blessings this week. I wanted to thank God for giving me my blessings today, but I realized it wasn't Gods blessings for me but a property that belongs to someone. 

I called on Osofomaame Aqquah to show her the envelope and find the person who owns it, so we can give it back, the 66-year-old Akosua Ataa Kisiwaa said. Not only was Madam Akosua Ataa Kisiwaa going to hand over the envelope to the pastor, but wanted to make sure the money doesn't land in the wrong hands.

I am shocked myself, you mean you found all this money in the envelope, the pastor asked again in anticipation to see whether the woman wasn't suffering from dementia. I know you Eno Kisiwaa, let me confirm with your son first before I can take any action on the money. 

Pastor Johnson Aqquah wanted to be certain it wasn't money that has been given to Eno Kisiwaa from her son abroad for their family projects, because of recent dementia the aged woman has been suffering from. After three minutes on the phone with Eno Kisiwaa's eldest son, the pastor became convinced the money was a missing one as Eno Kisiwaa had said earlier. 

Though the owner hasn't been found since most of the worshippers had already departed to their homes when the money was found, but the pastor and many people believe it belongs to one Fiifi Nartey who was seen holding a brown envelope to church this morning. Fiifi Nartey hasn't confirmed whether the money belongs to him or not, but the wife who picked the phone when the pastor called his home, was able to identify the bundles of the money and the total amount it was.

Eno Kisiwaa, God will continue blessing you for what you have done today. You will live past the covenant 70years in Jesus name, the pastor said before departing to their homes.

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