OPINION| How Did Zambia Get Into so Much Debt?

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Africa needs a central bank with a gold- backed currency, it's the only way Africa can challenge the global economic system, it's obvious that we cannot challenge their currency with with ours , cause of how they set up the system to only benefit them, yet Africa is rich in minerals and resources, so lets challenge the global economic system with our resources. They are developed because of Africa yet theres not even 1 Country in Africa thats developed, our leaders need to make a change Africa is the true royalty of this planet yet we suffer most

Zambia is already in deep problem because if they are failing to payback China Development Bank then plan B comes into effect, obvious plan is rich land and less paperwork for Chinese citizens/equal opportunities for Chinese citizens coming to do business in Zambia. South Africa is slowly going that direction and in few years Chinese will be owning a lot of rich land, a Chinese lady is already in parliament it's tough

Our Leaders are very greedy, running the countries like we owe them. Look at Zimbabwe now, still paying War Veterans because they fought for liberation. My question is how can you pay someone who's seated at home doing nothing or at least to empower themselves? You can't run a country like it's a family business, doing stuff that doesn't benefit the economy

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