Make Good Profit on Selling and Repairing Electronics


Let's get out of our comfort zone and start thinking what other people are not thinking. Be the first to make critical decision about your future and decided where you want to be in the next ten years.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Don't think of starting a big business when you don't have that fund to initiate such a business. Just start with what you have right now.

Many successful people we admire outside here started just at a low level therefore let's no be discouraged with anything despite the challenges we face daily. I know when you share with a friend or a relative that you are planning to initiate a business project he will laugh at you and maybe sometimes discourage you.

If you have decided to come with a business project share with people who are creative, innovative and can help you with ideas. Sharing with everyone will not help you some people will just discourage you and mock at you.

Opening an electronic shop is something which most people don't think of. Selling and repairing electronics is a very lucrative job that can earn you even more than 12,000 shillings a month.

The problem is fund to initiate these business but once you have fund and you are sure that you can manage electronic shop then you will not struggle with life.

Electronic gadgets include phones, televisions, heaters, woofers and many other electronic gadgets that I have not mentioned. Now imagine you have opened an electronic shop with all those gadgets and let's say you can manage to sell 4 gadgets in a day. If you sell 4 smart phones in one day each at 18,000 shillings and may be its marked price was 16, 000 shillings, you will have made a profit of 2,000 shillings only on selling one phone therefore if you managed to sell 4 such types of phones you will pocket 8,000 shillings.

You will only have pocketed for 8,000 shillings for selling phones and remember you are also selling other gadgets and also repairing electronics gadgets. If you are not an electric engineer you can partner with one and he helps you in repairing the gadgets. Let's say you and your partner can manage to repair for at least 10 customers there gadgets and each customer payed maybe 250 shillings depending with the problem his gadget had. Multiplying (250×10) which will give you 2,500 shillings. When you add this to 8,000 shillings you had made from selling phones you will have made 10,500 in just one day.

To be able to get more customers traffic look for a place where there is a high population of people like urban centers and big towns. You will succeed in your business.