Moshe and crew get surprise of the season as man proposes on You Promised to Marry Me

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Moshe and crew get surprise of the season as man proposes on You Promised to Marry Me

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More often than not, requesters of marriage on You Promised to Marry Me end up being surprised to see that their partners are not as gentle as they say them to be. A few people have been insulted, assaulted and rejected by partners they thought they'd spent the rest of their lives with.

On last night's first episode of You Promised to Marry Me, a lady requested Moshe and crew to accompany her to a man she has been with for 13 years and lives with, who has been excusing himself from marrying her because he's still budgeting. This upset her because 13 years is a long time and even her enemies are already married.

To her surprise, her guy had already bought the ring and was waiting for the perfect time to go on one knee. I think the biggest problem in their relationship was miscommunication because the lady had told him that she does not want a ring and wedding gown but wanted a car instead. In the end, as much as he was taken aback by the fact that she chose to get cameras for him, he still composed himself and didn't get violent like last week's man who poured rice and salads over his girlfriend.

To see the couple cry snorty tears for each other was a good sight. The fact that the intention to marry her was there and in motion was also great to watch. He didn't just waste her years and give her a child, he also put a ring on her finger.

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Source: Moja Love on Channel 157

January 17, 2022

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