One bag of millet which worth Gh¢ 280 is now Gh¢ 400 - Captain Smart Laments over Hardship.

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The Hardship in Ghana not stopping anything Soon per what Captain Smart is talking about. Ghana produces a lot of natural resources but yet we suffer a lot in getting what is due us. We turn to export what in we produce in our local territories in return of Foreign exchange from outside countries. Captain Smart lamented woefully and bitterly about the Hardship in Ghana.

Captain Smart claim that, he went to the market to buy millet for his animals at home. To the surprise of his hearing, one bag of millet which he always use to buy at a cool price of two hundred and eighty Ghana Cedis is now sold at a huge price of Four hundred Ghana Cedis. This is the level of Hardship in Ghana.

Captain Smart continue to state that, Ghana is currently importing maize from outside countries all because there is shortage of Maize in Ghana. This is the same country that Government always talks about provision of fertilizers to famers in other to produce good output from.

"I went to the Market to buy millet. The Woman told me it is no longer 280 Ghana Cedis but 400 Cedis. Upon barging, she decided to give it to me at 370 Ghana Cedis and i bought two 2 bags. This is the kind of Hardship we are experiencing currently in Ghana. The Cedis is depreciating as compared to the dollar and Euro." - Captain Smart Lament over Hardship in Ghana.

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