Looming Trouble To DP Ruto In Mt. Kenya Region After A Worrying Morning Message Is Publicly Reported

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Deputy President William Ruto is one of the top leaders who want to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta. He has been campaigning seriously for years now especially when it comes to Uhuru's Mt. Kenya backyard but still, he needs to do more in order to sit on the presidential seat.

That is because as we are currently speaking, there is a looming trouble to DP William Ruto in Mt. Kenya region after a worrying morning message was publicly reported by the Daily Nation.

According to reports, DP William Ruto has been promising residents huge amounts of money but something surprising is that the money has not been reaching the people. For that reason, Ruto's allies and even himself are in a looming danger because that may end up changing the people's mind about them.

That is a serious issue that should be resolved in a quick manner or it may end up taking down Ruto and his allies.

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