"Please can you allow my husband come home on Friday for a family dinner?" Wife begs Slay Queen


"Please can you allow my husband to come home on Friday for a family dinner?" Wife begs Slayqueen over family dinner

Margaret a married woman to Mr Asamoa has begged the latter of her husband to allow him to come home for a family dinner. Margaret at 30 thought marriage was going to be sweet for her when Asamoa proposed to her in rain. It was raining and Asamoa never cared about the rain and went down on his knees to present a pocketed engagement ring he had already paid for, and in that rain, did Asamoa humbly asked if Margaret to marry him.

It was a daring occasion for the two as Margaret shouted yes!! and the two celebrated their reunion in the rain whiles others commended them for their sweet journey. They got married before Margaret turned 31 and both have been married for fifteen years now. Margaret is now 46 and never did she underestimated that a day will come where she will share her husband with others. Asamoa wasn't the type to play around during their days, and both have been able to have four children which the eldest is 14 whiles the youngest is 6.

Asamoa starting in 2019, showed all kinds of behaviours to his wife, and that was when Margaret knew her husband has found something outside their marriage. The one thing she feared the most, has been confirmed and all she could do, was to pray and hopes her husband doesn't fall deeply for whoever he was playing with. Margaret did all she can, and she was able to follow her husband to the woman he was seeing outside their marriage. She cried and feared the energetic young beautiful woman will take her husband. 

Asamoa barely eats from home, but he always has his breakfast before leaving the house. His usual excuse was he has eaten from work, meanwhile, it was the lady he was seeing that gave him all the food. He came home late sometimes and Margaret has never questioned him on that, because of the future of her children. She doesn't want her children growing up with a single parent, and that has always been the number one priority in their marriage for her.

Asamoa's birthday is on Friday 23 April, and Margaret decided to surprise her husband with a family dinner. The same Friday her eldest son will be returning from school to start his vacation and Margaret saw the chance to have a one-time family dinner for her family, but Asamoa told her about a board meeting he will be having in the evening on Friday, which will keep him late in the office. 

Margaret knew he was lying and went ahead to find out what was going to keep her husband late from coming home early for his birthday dinner with the family. She found out her rival was going to have dinner with the husband. Margaret asked politely if Juliana can make a lunch date with her husband so the husband can come home for the family dinner. Juliana when she spoke to me, was surprised how Margaret can beg her for such a curtsey. Juliana has agreed to work with Margaret to help save her marriage.  

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