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A video that is revolving around through web-based media of a cop attacking various authorities in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, has left numerous people dazed.

In the video, he starts by talking and when various authorities endeavor to speak with him, he starts assaulting them.

"The part has been suggested a clinical office for help and remembering that this is being dealt with, an internal assessment is underway," he said.

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) delegate Grace Langa said the matter didn't fall under its order, consequently they were not investigating the circumstance.

"The clarification we say the matter doesn't fall under our request is that the authority seen assaulting his accomplices was wearing a uniform at this point off the clock.

This infers he presented the assault not in the execution of his commitments as shown in the Ipid Act," said Langa. Inhabitant Sibongiseni Mdingi said cops were going through a ton.

"Is it not horror? Since it is fundamentally inconceivable that an individual could decide to carry on that way. Something likely provoked that episode," said Mdingi, requesting that people quit sharing the video.

"I don't grasp people who are sharing that video, also those chuckling and destroying the authority."

Another occupant said people were weakened.

"We are all in all going through a ton. It's a pity others don't have anyone to talk with. I trust all that turns out for the authority."

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