John Waluke fined Ksh 594million or serve 7 years imprisonment


The Sirisia MP John waluke was found guilty in the ksh.297million maize fraud. Following the court ruling by judge Elizabeth, MP John Waluke together with co-accused, Grace Wakhungu have been fined each a sum total of Ksh 594million or serve 7 years imprisonment if they default in the Ksh 294million maize fraud case.

The ruling is subjected to appeal within 14 days.

Waluke together with Grace Wakhungu were supposed to supply 40,000 metric tonnes of maize to NCPB in 2004 but instead they ended up pocketing Ksh 313million without supplying a single grain of maize.

The tender was then cancelled after Erad Supplies failed to prove it. The company later moved to court and sued NCPB claiming that by the time the tender was cancelled, it already had the maize procured from Ethiopia and that it was stored by Chelsea Freight, a South African firm in Djibouti, saying that the maize was stored by the South African firm in Djibouti for a period of 123days for which they were charged USD 1,146,000.00 and they anticipated profit amounting to USD 1,960,000.

Evidence from South Africa Authorities shows that the documents used by Waluke and his co-accused Grace wakhungu purportedly emanating from South Africa firms were fake.

 Waluke was therefore found guilty of three counts including acquiring public property while his co-accused;Grace Wakhungu was convicted on five charges.


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