Declare This Powerfui Prayer Before You Step Out Of Your Door In The Morning


(Psalms 88:13)

 But I have cried out to You, O Lord, for help; And in the morning my prayer will come to You.

Lord I come before you this morning thanking you for mercy and grace.Thank you Lord for the good plans you have for me plans for good but not disaster

Receive all the glory and honor for Protection of arrows that fly by night and day.You have broken and bent the arrows of my enemies .You have trapped with their own traps.

Thank you Lord for you are to protect my going out and coming back.You are going to send your pillar of light to led me .Let your mercies be renewed in my life today. Renew my love and strength to serve all the days of my life.

Give me sufficient breath, sound mind, peace of mind and Protection throughtout the day . Cover me with your mighty and secure wings.

Lord arise the morning and let the powers of Satan be scattered in my life today..Lord silence all wicked schemes of the enemy.

Thank you, for you are going to protect me today.All the powers of the enemy are going to defeated.You are going to overwhelmed today with your love and grace.

Lord, may the day bring forth the blessings that was meant for me before the foundations of the world was laid.

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