Kenyan Female Celebrities who have studied Law

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In the past, some university courses were majorly assumed to be the preserve of men, while women were relegated to simpler courses.

Courses like law, medicine and engineering were considered to hard for women, however, that ceiling was crashed.

Below is a list of female Kenyan celebs and politician who are lawyers.

Corazon kwamboka

This Kenyan beauty queen rose to fame after photos of her curveceous body surfaced online.The then law student seized the opportunity to become famous and create a name for herself.

Corazon Kwamboka who has a bachelor degree in law from the University of Nairobi dropped her career to focus on being a socialite.

Karen Nyamu

The Kenyan socialite,business lady and politician has been involved in numerous controversies previously.The beauty queen is a lawyer by profession and even owns a law form.

Kamene Goro

According to the East African feed,Kamene was once a law student before dropping out for journalism.This was after she graduated at the University with a law degree but her passion in journalism made her drop law.

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