Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reveals That Wealth Is Power And The Ability To Influence And Control

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The General Overseer of the church popularly known as Christ Embassy, has disclosed a powerful message he claimed he received from the Lord about praying for money. He posted the video on YouTube. In today's article, I bring to you more about what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said God has revealed to him about money.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said that, some people are like, oh God, i want your anointing in my life to do this and do that. You are praying the wrong prayer, he added. Now, this is the revelation God showed me. He said I should declare clearly to all people to stop praying for money, instead they should pray for wisdom, knowledge and Grace. Pray for more Grace and not money. Because first James chapter 4 verse 6 says, He giveth more Grace. If you have been given level 7 of a grace, you can never operate at a certain level beyond that, no matter what you do, what you say and what you come across. Have you thought of the reason why some people are poor? The main reason is because, that is the level of grace in their lives. That is why we have some lectures who are poor. Some people also may have a lot of money but they always say they are broke. Why? He added.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated it plainly that, his main point is that, money doesn't make anyone rich. There is no such thing as money. It only exists in the mind of the poor. Money is the rich men's tool of controlling the poor. Many people are now beginning to see what I said many years ago. When you even look at the coins, they are just numbers and nothing else. So I say, money is an identity. Money is a fool.

Now, looking at your country, who is actually ruling and controlling it? Is it the person with most amount of money? No, It is the man who has the power. He might be the Prime Minister, President or somebody who probably does not have the most money.

So therefore, wealth is based on wisdom. Wealth is actually power, and it is the ability to control and influence.

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