(+Video)- Heated fight between a taxi driver and a policeman leaves passenger screaming


A disturbing footage of a Policeman and an aggrieved driver has hit the Internet and has got netizens talking. The driver could be seen exchanging words with a policeman, who had busted him for a reason we're yet to know about. The vehicle was still moving at the time of the exchange and as the driver kept ranting, the police removed the car keys. In response, the driver forcefully tried to take back the keys and the policeman kept resisting prompting a worried female passenger to exclaim, but they paid no heed and kept squarring up. Catch a glimpse of the video with the Facebook link below.


The video sparked similar reactions from netizens as they directed the blame for the scuffle to the police, who they felt was being unprofessional and impatient. Others stressed on the fact that most police recruits these days lack the appropriate training to perform the job effectively and that was one of the consequences. This is not the first time this incident is happening on our roads and keep raising questions about the integrity of police. We are yet to ascertain the actual offence of the driver which necessitated the policeman's reaction, but he should have taken into consideration the lives of the passengers in the car and deal with the driver in an appropriate way.

Take a look at some comments from netizens after the video went viral.

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