Olympic Medallist David Rudisha Lights Up The Internet With An Amazing Photo Of A Young Girl


Kenyans on Twitter are a happy lot away from the usual politics of the day.

The 800 metres champion David Rudisha has shared a photo of himself with a small girl dressed in a Maasai traditional attire that has excited netizens.

"Proud Maasai girl from Trans Mara" tweeted Rudisha as he posted a photo on Twitter.

Kenyans on the internet were so happy to see Rudisha after along time with some questioning if he had retired from athletics.

Rudisha who is one of four men to win consecutive 800m Olympic titles in a row is highly celebrated not only in the country but allover the world.

The thre time olympic medallist has not given any communication to whether he will be participating in the next Olympic games that will soon be held in Tokyo Japan.

We will be checking Rudisha's Twitter page for more updates concerning his stand on the upcoming olympic event in Tokyo Japan, stay tuned.

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