Focusing on yourself to have peace of mind

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In life don't even try to change a person to be like you. And no matter how much you try you will never understand someone's life. If you want to be peaceful in life don't try so hard to understand the next person but understand your life. There are things that you should not do:

1. Never judge another person

This is because sometimes we tend to judge how people live or the decisions that people take because you don't know which options they had to choose from. There is only one to judge and thats GOD.

2. Never make a person feel less

Even if you are in a good position in life it could be financially or in other area never make people feel that when you are around them. Don't treat people like dirt as you don't know what tomorrow holds

3. Don't force people to face their demons when they are not ready

Everybody should be ready to do anything they want. Even though Sometimes we have to push people to do something as it's for their own benefit but this is complex because there are somethings that people must face when ready to do so

4. Don't try to please Everyone

If there is something simple that is impossible is pleasing everyone so please don't even attempt to try because you will end up being the saddest person.

There many things that you should not do in life. Some of things you know and you are not doing it to keep your people, well done.

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