This is the reasons why your partner is cheating on you.


Marriage is dynamic, it's a blessing by God to mankind. It is the coming together of two person as one. But they are many obstacles in marriage,be it already married or in a relationship that may end up in marriage,cheating is the enemy of a blessed union. 60% of broken marriage is caused by cheating. So in this article, we will be discussing the reason why people cheat and how to deal with it.

When there is no peace at home

When you were advise by your parents before getting marriage,not to always be quarrelling with your husband, you think they didn't know why they advised you. Men love peace at home,no man will be in a quarrelling relationship not to talk quarrelling marriage. If he finds peace somewhere else,you are about to loose him. Give him peace at home and enjoy your lasting marriage.

Starving him sex

Before the two of you got married, you at least dated for a period of time. So you should understand if he likes it often or not. It get boring when after marriage you start starving you partner sex. If he or she isn't getting it at home, there is always an alternative if they can't control themselves. So don't let what you have makes him start cheating.

If you are no more romantic

Being romantic isn't in bed alone,as couples, you should be doing things your partner will miss when he is not around. Play with him,give him blow job,caress him always and play games with him. No man wants a boring marriage, call him when he is not around to tell him how you misses him and all that sweet words that will make him rush home to meet you. With all this your home is save.

Support his dream and always put your relationship in prayers. Love his family members as you love him.

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