Nyaope Boys Arrested After They Were Found With This

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Nyaope boys arrested by NU2 community policing forum impersonating police officers in Mdantsane Eastern Cape, this is one of the most strangest incidences you can find in the country however most of the things that have been happening have stopped being amazing or surprising to the ordinary members of the public.

As they have learned to recognize that this criminality is being perpetrated at this alarming rate due to the fact that the government is not doing enough to stop it, the unfortunate part is that the officials are not the ones who are falling victim to the criminality that is going on it is only the ordinary citizens.

Suspects were found in possession of police uniform, Hand Radio’s, Blue lights, Firearms with fully loaded magazine. All the tools which are used by the police to conduct their duties were found in possession of criminals who use them to take advantage of the ordinary members of the public, it is clear that the suspects deserve the highest of sentences for impersonating police officers.


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