Opinion Poll: Kenyans Vote On the Preferred Presidential Candidate in Nairobi County

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As the race to succeed President Uhuru Kenya in the next general election continues, many of the followers of both party's are trying their best to outsmart their fellows and opponents in regards to popularity and number of voters.

The much awaited polical competition between the strong opponent's have raised and issue on who commands a lager number follower.

An opinion poll was conducted to guage the influence of the two fierce presidential candidates, that the former prime minister who is also the party leader of Orange Democratic Movement, Raila Odinga and the deputy president who os also rhe party leader United Democratic Alliance.

According to the opinion poll's result, it is evident that the former prime minister atill enjoys the majority support within Nairobi County with a total percentage of about 42% while the deputy President, Dr.Wiliam Ruto trailed behind with a total percentage of about 31.4%.

UDA officials have refuted the poll results terming as propaganda.

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