Remember The Viral Photo That Says This Girl Is Just 15? It's a lie, This Is Her Real Age And Photos


Earlier this year, pictures of this lady went viral on internet platforms when most writers started speculating about her age, and many of the articles written about her claim she is just 15 years old, but as a result of her body physique and lovely facial looks, I began to doubt the speculation, and so, I did my research on her.

It is true that some people might look older than their real age, most especially ladies who are physically gifted at the front and back, and there are some scientific explanation to back that up.

But it turns out that this particular girl is a celebrity in her country, she is popular and she just celebrated her birthday earlier this month, but she is not a 15 year old girl.

Here's more of her photos;

Her name is Andiswa Selepe-Tshabalala and she is a famous South African Instagram model, content creator born on April 11, 2003. Andiswa became famous due to her YouTube channel “Andiswa BombRsa”.

Going by her date of birth, she's actually 18 years old, contrary to the false believe that she is 15, she's an adult, though she is still young to have that kind of body, but whether she did an enhancement or surgery or she's natural is a debate for another day.

This article is just a fact check, I'm not disregarding her extremely gorgeous look, but the point is, she's not as young as people was have you believed, she's an 18 year old lady.