Cardi B And Her Husband Roasted By Fans After She Leaked Photo Of Their 'Private Photoshoot'


WAP rapper Cardi B and husband Offset have left fans in disbelief following their latest controversial photo.

Barely a day after announcing the good news that she was expectant for baby number two, the couple went for a private shoot.

Cardi B has not however kept images of the private photo shoot to themselves as she has paraded one on Facebook.

The couple is seen totally naked, hiding her breasts with hands.

Migos on the other side is behind her also naked, and uses his hands to cover his 'wife's forbidden fruit.'

She captioned the nude photo that they were communicating well and they were happy to be blessed with another baby.

Most fans have said that posting the picture online and mentioning God in the same sentence is mockery.

Click the link below to view the full image;

They are advising her to be mature and cover what she is blessed with.

Offset has also told the same by angry fans.

Most of them however congratulated the musicians for beating the odds and staying together.


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