Hushpuppi's Lawyer Says Things Are Getting Better

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Gal Pissetzky, Who has been serving as the representer to the suspected Internet fraudster, Ramon Abass, popularly known as big boy Hushpuppi, has denied the allegations that he abandoned his Client.

He announced that case is getting better even though Hushpuppi wasn't bailed and instead transferred to California for further trial. He said he would still be going to California to represent his client.

He also said to the public or media that Hushpuppi still stands a chance of being declared innocent.

Pissetzky said to ThePunch,

“I am still representing him. I will be in California for the case".

So basically according to what Pissetzky said he has not abandoned him. He further said:

“There is no new evidence put forward by the FBI at this point. Whatever news report that suggests things are getting worse for him is not true.”

Let just watch and see how it turns out for big boy.

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