3 Simple Methods To Cure Tooth Decay At Home Comfortably


I'm pretty sure that many of our members of the public are suffering from tooth decay, cavities or even dental carries and have really spent a lot in trial of curing these dental problems. Tooth decay does not really 'recognise' age in that it can occur to both grown ups as well as children.

Many have come into term that tooth decay is irreversible and the only solution to curing it is by drilling it out. Well, that could be a one solution to curing tooth decay but in this article, I want to bring on board three simple and efficient methods you can use to cure tooth decay at home.

Let me introduce you to these three simple methods hoping you will put into practice as well as learn a thing.

Using Clove Oil.

Let's have this as our first Method. Use of Clove Oil to treat tooth decay is really efficient and inexpensive. Best part of clove oil is that it not only treats tooth decay but also treats an aching tooth. You only need clove oil and a piece of cotton wool,then roll the cotton wool into a ball like shape and pour three drops of clove oil into it. Then place the soaked cotton wool slowly into the aching or decaying tooth and hold on for about 15 minutes for this remedy to work out efficiently.

Oil Pulling

This is our second efficient method which only requires you to have an organic coconut oil. It is simple since you will only take a teaspoonful of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 20-25 minutes. After swishing, spit the oil out and rinse your mouth with water. You can repeat this method on daily basis for atleast two weeks for best results.

Be Keen On Foods to Consume and Food to Avoid.

Here, you only need to highly consume foods that strengthen you enamel and those that fights tooth decay. These could include vegetables, bone broth, fish, coconut oil among others.

You are again highly cautioned to avoid sugary foods and diets that has high amount of phytic acid since sugary foods damages the enamel and phytic acid on the other hand leads to leaching of minerals from your tooth.

Hoping the article was helpful in some way, please follow my page for more educative and practicable news. Thankyou.

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