Top ten famous quotes that shows Nyesom Wike is the new Governor-General of Nigeria politics

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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike is popular for his fearless contribution to political and developmental discussions bordering on his state and Nigeria at large.

The People's Democratic Party, PDP chieftain who is in his second term in office as the governor of the Oil-rich Niger Delta state is a popular face in Nigeria politics and he is undoubtedly the new Governor-General of the country politics following the demise of Diepreye Alamiesegha in 2016.

Top ten of his quotes

(1)"I will expose saboteurs and Tax Collectors in PDP NWC -2020"

(2)"I will not release funds for 2018 constituency projects until Rivers lawmakers account for 2017 funds. Wike 2018"

(3)"Since you have given me this machete, I will not look back, I will just use it & clear all of them

Is there any APC in this State again?

Now since they don't like to hear, let them hear now.

If you cross our way, we don't have choice than to cut you down"

(4)"Those who should sign the peace accord in Nigeria should be INEC and the Police since they are largely responsible for subverting the electoral process"

(5)"I am not dollars that you can't pocket".

(6)"If it’s war they want on Saturday we would give it to them"

(7)"Anytime I have the opportunity, I repeat the declaration with authority and I owe nobody an apology. I am standing on solid authority. Rivers is a Christian state.”

(8)“Let me tell you why they made Ganduje the chairman of the campaign council of the APC. It’s because of the dollars they saw. But for dollars, Ganduje could not have been made the chairman of the campaign council."

(9)"Some PDP governors visit Buhari at night."

(10)“A man who pockets dollars in his babanriga from contractors is not isolated and you say that I should be isolated. In this where are we heading to?"

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