James Orengo Alleges Who The People Should Vote For In Siaya County, Sends Warning To ODM Party Team

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The Siaya County Gubernatorial aspirant Hon James Aggrey Bob Orengo has urged the people to vote for the able leaders who can spot several problems and promote changes because the Azimio One Kenya Alliance coalition is based on integrity and justice.

He said that the Azimio One Kenya Alliance team have several candidates and they must affirm their support behind the former Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga because his presidency win will be very key.

He told the ODM party candidates to give their clear outlined agendas so that they can market themselves well.He told the crowd to vote for the coalition and embrace Martha-Raila ticket.

He said that the Azimio One Kenya Alliance Coalition team will win more than 90% of the region votes and they remain confident that they will succeed the president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta after his August retirement. He urged the residents to reject Ruto's narrative as they are lies that will not add any value after the polls.

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