Meet The Beautiful 21-year-old Lady That Was Kissed By President Joe Biden


Joe Biden, the new 46th President of the United States, kissed a 19-year-old girl on the lips in February 2020, causing criticism from those who labeled him a pedophile, or someone who is drawn to young children. Finnegan Biden, the teenage girl kissed by Joe Biden, is now 21 years old and is his granddaughter, according to sources. Finnegan Biden is the daughter of Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and although some Americans were unconcerned about the hugging, others thought it insulting. Finnegan Biden, a lovely 21-year-old student, has shown an interest in politics after she made headlines after Joe Biden kissed her at a campaign stop in Iowa.

Here are few photographs from the controversial scene.

Despite the controversy surrounding her, Finnegan Biden has shown an interest in helping her grandfather, Joe Biden.

Just today, a Twitter user posted a photo of Joe Biden and his granddaughter embracing.

Have a peek at some of the comments that accompanied the message.

Here are some lovely photos of the lovely 21-year-old that President Joe Biden kissed.

Some people believe it is just a regular family embrace, whilst others criticize Joe Biden for taking such an approach in public.

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