Beautiful pictures that proves kwahu is really blessed with beautiful sceneries

Kwahu is a group of towns in the Eastern region of Ghana that holds most of mountains across the country.Kwahu's are known across Ghana for their hard-working nature and entrepreneur skills. Beside trading/commerce, agriculture is another means thing of the Coke economy and engage in crop farming, hunting and some form of fishing who are known to travel a long distance to places like Wassa ,Sefwi and others to make farms in the most fertile of land and on mountainous habitats or the afram plainsKwahu-easter as people mostly calls it is one of the biggest celebrations held in kwahu annually. During the celebration people from different countries and regions comes to kwahu to witness this feast. This Occasion leads to Kwahu generating capitals as it brings Foreign exchange and revenue to the residents in kwahu.In the above picture is seeing the Bruku Rock as it's a symbol for victory and unity to the kwahu people .This rock is seen on the road to a Adawso community near the Afram river

Kwahu is headed by a great And honourable chief Called , Daasebre Akuamoah Agyapong || as Kwahuhene with due respect of your kingship The Great power of football .Kwahu is Growing with one great team called the Kwahu United as it has been an ancient team of our forefathers.Our slogan is "Asaase Aban"As seen in the above picture as People celebrate about the success of our team Kwahu United.

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